The croon

Music has always played a major role in my life. When, as a little kid, I was traveling to a holiday destination with my family, I wouldn’t stop singing throughout the whole trip, driving them all crazy. My parents must have regretted not having a car stereo to counter me with...Thing is, music has always been central to my existence, and although I treasure and enjoy silence a lot these days, I find it impossible to go on more than a few hours without singing or listening to a song.

I don’t exactly remember when and how I got interested in jazz, but I do know why it keeps fascinating me: it’s the freedom it represents and gives one when performing. The fact that I can sing the same song a different way each time, within the same melodic line, makes each rendition unique. Each time I cover a song, I pour in all my feelings and mood and let myself go. It’s like walking the same road again and again, and never growing tired of it, because I always find new things to observe and enjoy along it. It’s this ever changing aspect that, in my opinion, makes jazz so similar to life, and so exciting.

And then there’s the standards. Little musical gems, whose lyrics encompass so much truth on human nature, often told with such elegance and irony. They’re luxury vehicles that I’ll gladly steer in each show, knowing that no matter where my journey takes me, I’ll always enjoy the ride.



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