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Among the first fruits of my collaboration with DJ Al, there was a cover version of “My Funny Valentine”, a standard that enthralled us both.

The song talks about the power of love between two people, the one that makes us look irresistibly attractive and unique in the eyes of the other in spite (or maybe because) of our little imperfections. The fact that “Valentine” can be both a woman’s and a man’s name only contributes to the universality of the song’s message.

A few years prior to this, I had come across a comic called “Valentine”, that caught my attention with its original script, a unique mix of history and goth fantasy, and its exquisite graphics. So I contacted the authors, Alex de Campi and Christine Larsen, and asked for their permission to make a video to our song using stills from their graphic novel. They accepted, and after a few days of hard work, The Croon’s first music video was born.

A couple of years later, with the help of the local TV station, we shot a “real” video, and even a “making of” interview. They’re now all for you to enjoy - not only once a year.

Remember to love every single day, for, as the closing line of the song goes, “each day is Valentine’s day”.

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Valentine’s Day