The croon

DJ Al and I have been friends for years. We’ve always wanted to do music together, but it wasn’t until October 2011, when we finally got to work on a demo, due to a jazz contest deadline. The result was a couple of cover versions of standards, as well as two original songs, the seed of what we expect to be our first album, hopefully released some time this year.

“My Funny Valentine” is the first standard we covered, and it’s also the first video we’ve released, published on this year’s Valentine’s Day. If you’d like to know more about how it all came about, click here.

I really enjoy this collaboration; DJ Al is a wiz with arrangements, with rich, inspiring textures and an ecclectic choice of instruments, that result in a sound full of nuances and hypnotic rhythms. And, as a counterpoint, my voice, sliding at times lazy, at times crazy, over these wonderful sonic landscapes.

For now, I shall post here songs (both covers and original) for you to taste. Enjoy!


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